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Browse a range of award-winning treadmills that stands to be triumphant in the South African market.

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Sole is consistently one of our favorite treadmill manufacturers. With impressive durability and reliable construction, a Sole treadmill is bound to last for years. overall rating 4.5/5

Sole Fitness makes high quality treadmills affordable for home gyms and light commercial workout centres. overall rating 98/100

Sole Fitness is among the most respected treadmill brands for home gyms and light commercial settings. It’s known for prioritizing performance and reliability over flash, and Sole treadmills are regularly updated to stay competitive too. overall rating 9.3/10


A few quick tips to keep in mind when shopping for treadmills, let’s stop misinforming! #Transparency


The treadmill motor horsepower rating is probably the single most recognizable spec that jumps out at a consumer when he or she begins to do their buying research. Here is an article that commends our Sole Fitness Treadmills on their outstanding motors. Please scroll to paragraph 2 and view the 2nd last sentence.

We usually believe bigger is better. However, the truth is, the ratings and numbers can be very confusing and ultimately incredibly misleading. Here are some tips to help you sort through some of the terms and numbers you may have read about to find out what is important when trying to understand this integral part of the treadmill.


What to look out for?


CHP Continuous Horsepower – The power output on a continuous basis. Anything below 2CHP will not be in your best interest and will affect the durability and performance of the treadmill. We do not recommend treadmills with a motor size below 2 CHP. Always check the CHP output of the treadmill you are interested in.

PHP Peak Horsepower – Maximum horsepower a motor can generate when working at its hardest. This is only sustainable for a short time. Peak output denotes the highest possible rpm with minimal load. Since an efficient motor is not going to run at this high rpm all the time, it is not an accurate horsepower measurement. Peak Horsepower is used to mislead you into believing the motor is stronger than its true continuous output.


Home Use DC Motors:

Walking: Choose 2.0 CHP or higher
Jogging: Choose 2.5 CHP or higher
Running: Choose 2.5 CHP or higher


Commercial Use AC Motors:

For Commercial use we recommend treadmills with 3CHP or larger AC Motors
We do not recommend motors below 3CHP for commercial use.

AC motors do not have brushes which cause friction so they tend to have a longer life span in a commercial environment. However, for most home use applications a good quality DC motor is more than suitable to last a lifetime.

The Importance of RPMS & Longevity

Rotations per Minute (RPMs) is important in motor design. The relationship between continuous horsepower and RPM is torque. This is the most significant factor when determining the best suitable motor for your needs. The lower the RPM of a motor, the more torque it will have – torque being the measure of a tendency to cause rotation; in other words, the power to turn. This allows the motor to last longer. We strongly recommend a motor with an RPM rating of 4500 or lower, but never more than 5000.


This is crucial because this is where a lot of manufacturers begin to play with, and boost, the ratings. In a lot of those cases, if we examine the plate stamped on the treadmill, you will find RPM ratings in the 7000 to 8000 range. This is how they can get away with these bloated HP rating numbers. These motors are spinning way too fast and working way too hard to last the years you should expect out of a quality treadmill.

Treadmill Deck

Another crucial component of a treadmill is the deck. Cushioning of the deck helps protect your joints from the impact of walking, jogging and/or running. For example our Sole Fitness treadmills make use of a CushionFlex Deck which reduces joint impact up to 40% and increases your stamina.


This might not be the case with all treadmills and that’s why we strongly advise you find out more about the deck on the treadmill you’re interested in.

Warranty & Support

Offering generous warranty terms & conditions is one thing. Backing them up is another.
We would like to raise some points for you to think about while making your purchase decisions.


◼️ The best warranty is one that is never used. Do your research and try and purchase fitness equipment
that has a track record in the local market and a reputation for quality and durability.


◼️ Who backs the warranty? We could get cheaper products direct from manufacturers but getting parts
locally can be a nightmare. That is why we stock reputable International brands and hold all major
spare parts in stock.


◼️ Lifetime warranties are thrown around but what use is a lifetime warranty if the retailer or manufacturer is not around to cover it? Gymstore has been around since 2009 and has a team with over 100 years combined experience in the fitness equipment industry. In our a decade of operation we have seen many suppliers come and go.


◼️ They say the devil is in the detail and this is especially the case with warranties. Our business is built around integrity and repeat customers. We go out of our way to keep customers happy. If you know someone who has bought our products, I am sure that they will back that statement up. If you don’t know someone, pick up the phone and give us a call, check out our testimonials or look up reviews on the net. If you have a legitimate warranty claim, we will get it sorted for you.

We want you to tell your friends about your experience.

Treadmills Explained

A treadmill is a staple in many home gyms as well as commercial fitness clubs. Why? Well, it’s simple. A treadmill replicates the cardiovascular exercise of running, jogging and/or walking outside but by being stationary and indoors. Sidenote: our Sole Fitness treadmills work with Kino maps, replicating the feeling of exercising outdoors. For more info click here. Where were we, ah treadmills?

But how does a treadmill benefit you and why should you use a treadmill instead of some other machine?

Valid questions. It all boils down to preference regarding the latter. Some people prefer treadmills because they’re used to them and are more practical. (Foldable). But here are some things to look out for when making your decision on which treadmill to buy:

  • Does it come with a warranty and guarantee? You won’t believe how many calls we get DAILY of people asking us to help them repair their treadmills. While we’d love to help everyone, sometimes it’s not possible.
  • Does it have a wide running deck with good cushioning? This helps ease the strain on your knees and back.
  • Is it future proof? Is there Bluetooth connectivity for your smartwatch or smartphone? Does the treadmill brand have an app to track your leap into better fitness?

Right now that you know what to look out for, let’s answer that first question:

What are the benefits of Treadmills?

  • Aid in the search for better cardiac health.
  • Reduces the impact on your joints in comparison with running on concrete/tar.
  • Treadmills offer a convenient, safe and private means of exercise.
  • Weight-loss. If weight-loss is your goal, 150 – 200 minutes of medium-intensity training on a treadmill per week will do you wonders! (Provided you stick to healthy eating habits.)
  • Running on a treadmill will increase your joint flexibility thus combating degenerative bone diseases.
  • And of course, treadmills (but almost any exercising) will increase your level of motivation and help you build healthier routines.

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