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Treadmills Explained

A treadmill is a staple in many home gyms as well as commercial fitness clubs. Why? Well, it’s simple. A treadmill replicates the cardiovascular exercise of running, jogging and/or walking outside but by being stationary and indoors. Sidenote: our Sole Fitness treadmills work with Kino maps, replicating the feeling of exercising outdoors. For more info click here. Where were we, ah treadmills?

But how does a treadmill benefit you and why should you use a treadmill instead of some other machine?

Valid questions. It all boils down to preference regarding the latter. Some people prefer treadmills because they’re used to them and are more practical. (Foldable). But here are some things to look out for when making your decision on which treadmill to buy:

  • Does it come with a warranty and guarantee? You won’t believe how many calls we get DAILY of people asking us to help them repair their treadmills. While we’d love to help everyone, sometimes it’s not possible.
  • Does it have a wide running deck with good cushioning? This helps ease the strain on your knees and back.
  • Is it future proof? Is there Bluetooth connectivity for your smartwatch or smartphone? Does the treadmill brand have an app to track your leap into better fitness?

Right now that you know what to look out for, let’s answer that first question:

What are the benefits of Treadmills?

  • Aid in the search for better cardiac health.
  • Reduces the impact on your joints in comparison with running on concrete/tar.
  • Treadmills offer a convenient, safe and private means of exercise.
  • Weight-loss. If weight-loss is your goal, 150 – 200 minutes of medium-intensity training on a treadmill per week will do you wonders! (Provided you stick to healthy eating habits.)
  • Running on a treadmill will increase your joint flexibility thus combating degenerative bone diseases.
  • And of course, treadmills (but almost any exercising) will increase your level of motivation and help you build healthier routines.

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