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LivePro Tire

R9,500.00R15,500.00 Incl. VAT

The Tire offers a versatile training routine in the functional area.



It can be used in many ways, for lifting, pulling, towing.

Flipping the LivePro Tire requires the activation of at least several muscle groups. The activation of these muscle groups allows for an explosive cardio & strength workout. All in all, the Tire is suitable for a complete whole body workout. It is definitely a unique approach to training but one that can yield seriously impactful results.

Manufacturer LivePro
Material Rubber tyres with PVC sleeve.
Diameter 40 kg –  90.0 cm 60 kg – 100.0 cm 80 kg – 120.0 cm
Warranty Type Products Includes Warranty


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Weight N/A

40kg, 60kg, 80kg

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