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LivePro Competiton Olympic Bar [20kg]


LivePro Competiton Olympic Bars is the perfect Olympic bar for all types of training, whether it’d be functional, cross training or weightlifting.

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The LivePro Men’s Competition Weightlifting Bar is a premium quality bar engineered for high intensity training & competitions.


The Competition Weightlifting Bar utilises bushing sleeves and 10 pieces of needle bearing, providing an extremely smooth spin ideal for Olympic lifting. The IWF 1.2mml knurling is ergonomically designed for a comfortable feel in any grip style.

The LivePro Men’s Competition Weightlifting Bar boasts a tight weight tolerance of +/- 0.1%, making it exceptionally accurate. The tensile strength of 190,000 PSI is strong enough to withstand heavy loads for longevity and also offers optimal amounts of whip (the ability to store elastic energy) for effective Olympic lifting.

Manufacturer LivePro
Material Spring steel
Length 220 cm
Recording Length 41 cm
Handle Diameter 28 mm
Weight 20 kg
Warranty Type Products Includes Warranty


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Weight 20 kg


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