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Impulse IF93 Seated Row – 200lbs

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Impulse IF93 Seated Row allows users to build muscle from a comfortable sitting position.

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Impulse IF93 Seated Row vertical row allows users to build the latissimus dorsi,biceps and deltoid from a comfortable sitting position.

User chooses a appropriate weight and a suitable position for chest, then to pull the handle bars back to train user’s back, shoulder and arms effectively. TPU wrapped foot rest provides a comfortable foot support ensuring safety exercise. Ergonomic handle bars are shaped to support user body from a single arm exercise position. Adjustable chest pad and ergonomic seat accommodate different user heights and arm length.

Manufacturer Impulse Fitness
Product Weight 91.5 kg
Product dimensions 181.8 x 87 x 153 cm
Warranty Type Products Includes Warranty


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Additional information

Weight 91.5 kg
Dimensions 181.8 × 87 × 153 cm

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