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Home Gym Under R2 000

R1,999.00 Incl. VAT

Get A Full-Body Workout in Almost Any Space and Keep Fit for Less Than R2 000

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What’s In the Pack?

Everything you need to keep your body in-shape regardless of the space you have. This pack is for those of you looking to put in a great full-body workout in your own space and time!

  • LivePro Suspension Trainers Pro Kit
  • LivePro NBR Sports Mat
  • LivePro Kettlebell 10kg
  • LivePro Aerobic Ball 65cm

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LivePro Suspension Trainers Pro Kit


Suspension trainer ropes, webbing & handles allow you to work against your body weight— this can improve your balance and flexibility while also building muscle. The focus of Suspension Trainers over more traditional equipment is higher activation of your stabilizer muscles and body-weight training.


Whether you are training in a gym, at the park, in your home or office, the LivePro Suspension Training Kit offers high quality equipment and a variety of workouts to meet your fitness needs.
This kit includes multiple anchoring solutions, so you can train anywhere and know that your Pro Suspension Trainer is secure. The kit comes with a door anchor that is perfect for setting up your Suspension Trainer on any sturdy door. The durable, rubber handles are easy to clean and feature an ergonomic and textured, anti-slip design to increase grip and safety during workouts. A mesh carry bag is included for optimal storage and transport.


LivePro NBR Sports Mat


Our NBR sports mats are popular in the world of aerobics and fitness. They have become an essential piece of equipment for people in gyms as well as for kids, physiotherapy, and rehabilitation. They are suitable for any exercises which are performed on the floor. The 1cm thickness premium mat comfortably cushions spine, hips, knees, and elbows on hard floors. High-quality materials made of high density, non-toxic, anti-tearing nbr material it is ideal for yoga, pilates, stretching and workout routine for any kind.


LivePro 10kg Kettlebell


The LivePro Steel XF Kettlebells feature a unique hard-wear and textured surface. Each kettlebell features a wide flat base for stability and an easy to grip, non-corrosive stainless steel handle with a subtle texture designed to hold chalk and improve control of the kettlebell. The wide, flat base also makes them perfect for doing push-ups on and renegade rows.

The handles are specifically designed to prevent lateral slipping and minimize fatigue with high repetition sets. The uniform 33mm handle for all the weights is perfect for almost any hand size.


LivePro 65cm Aerobic Ball


Featuring anti-burst technology,  the LivePro Aerobic Ball is a perfect addition to your aerobic workout. The exercises with our aerobic ball strengthen the back, improve the sense of balance and  to stabilize the torso. It can also be used as a sitting ball in the office or for something else along those lines. Our LivePro aerobic exercise ball is used for different types of workouts such as chest presses, crunches, pikes, planks, and squats, and more.

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