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Home Gym Equipment for Sale

Shop reputable, award-winning home gym equipment with us. Our goal has always been to bring you products that you can trust, products that will elevate your health to new heights!

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Multi-Function Trainers/Home Gyms

Home Gym Equipment – Cardio

Home Gym Equipment – Functional

Home Gym Equipment – Free-Weights

Home Gym Equipment – Strength

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3D Gym Design

We will help you design your dream home-gym or commercial gym. Take that beautiful idea you’ve created in your head and turn it into one amazing reality with our virtual 3-D gym designing services. P.S. We do this for Home and Commercial Gyms absolutely free.

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Home Gym for The Win

Sure, going to the gym has it’s benefits but owning a home gym is equally beneficial (some may say it’s better). The fact of the matter is, owning a home is an investment. It’s an investment in your health as well as in the well-being of your family!

A home gym doesn’t have to be big!

Let’s get that straightened out. You don’t need a multi-gym and a full range of cardio machines for your home gym. Ask yourself this: What are my goals and what is my budget? Then work accordingly. If you’re not sure about what to do then rather contact us and we will help you.

Living in an Apartment/Townhouse?

Like a lot of fellow South African’s out there, living in an apartment/townhouse is a reality. That brings forward many challenges that deter you from wanting to own a home gym, namely; space. Don’t worry though, we did a bit of research and outlined 7 must-have pieces of equipment for your townhouse/apartment. Click here to download the FREE E-book.

Why Choose Us?

Because we will always choose you. We supply brands that are reputable. Brands that design award-winning products. You see, it’s not just a sale for us. Being able to sell gym equipment means being able to help you achieve a healthier lifestyle and within this healthier lifestyle you could potentially live longer, be happier, achieve more goals than you ever thought you could and be a motivation to your loved ones. Let us help you build the home gym you’ve always dreamt of!