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Functional Equipment Explained

Go ahead, ask 5 people right now what Functional Training is and you’ll probably get around 5 different answers. Google the term and you’ll be overwhelmed with images of people performing what looks to be “unconventional” exercises.

There is also plenty of buzz around the benefits of it and how it will successfully transform your body, but yet, no clear cut definition. It’s all quite ambiguous, the best we could find is this definition “The main word here is function. Function is purpose. So functional training is just training that has a purpose,” says Eric Salvador, a certified personal trainer at The Fitting Room in New York City.

Let’s ask a different question…

What is it’s goal?

Well to answer this you need to take a closer look at the reasons why you or anyone else might train in the first place. It generally falls somewhere between;

  • Feel better.
  • Look better.
  • Perform better.

The latter – Perform better – is really where functional training has groundbreaking strides. Functional training aims to help you in the following ways;

  • Upgrade the way your body moves and functions.
  • Improve your strength across movement patterns.
  • Increase the physical performance of your body.

The benefits of functional training can be seen outside of the gym in many areas of life. Whether you’re training for a specific reason or just the game of life, you will benefit from it.

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