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Free Weight gym equipment unlocks limitless workout opportunities. Shop our range of Free-Weight gym equipment and unlock your limitless today!

Free-Weight Training

A free weight is a weight that’s being used in weight-lifting and is not attached to another apparatus. So you might be thinking the weighted dumbbells you have stacked in your home are free-weights – and you would be correct! However, as per the definition above, it stretches far beyond the simple confines of ‘just dumbbells’. Kettlebells, medicine balls and of course barbells are all examples of free-weights. The beauty of free-weights is that they are easy to store and offer you a tremendous variety of workout routines.

Why free weight gym equipment?

The focus on isolated muscle groups as well as your core in all workouts is why we love to love free-weights.

  • Improve core strength during 90% of workouts.
  • Helps you recover from injuries by making use of isolated exercises.
  • Improves your balance which is vitally important for ageing (we all age).
  • Achieve better strength for functional movements.
  • Perform everyday tasks much easier.

Free-Weight Strength Training.

Free-weight strength training makes mundane tasks easier. We don’t think about it, but simple tasks like opening a peanut butter jar or carrying your groceries up a few flights of steps will become easier to do if you focus your goal on muscle & strength training. To top it all off, you will get more toned because building strength burns fat. Strength training is a win/win any way you look at and free-weights are a great place to start!

Lift Weights #NotExcuses!


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